Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Green Chicken Soup

3 Large chicken boneless/skinless breasts with fat trimmed (31oz) 

2 Large cans of fat free chicken broth, low sodium (49.5 oz per can) 

1 Bunch of Broccolini chopped (8oz) 3 Baby Bok Choys chopped (9oz total) 

4 Small zucchini chopped (10oz total) 

4 Large celery stalks chopped (9oz total) 

5 Medium garlic cloves chopped 

½ Bunch green onions chopped (1oz) 

3 Large Carrots chopped (11oz total) 

1 TBSP Dill Weed chopped ½ Bunch fresh parsley chopped 

6oz Frozen green peas 

6oz Fresh green beans chopped 

In a large pot, combine all ingredients, except the peas and green beans. Keep the chicken breasts whole (you’ll shred them later). Boil for 40 minutes. Once the chicken breasts are completely cooked , remove them to cool. 

Use an immersion blender on the vegetables and broth. (Can also put through a blender. When doing this, it is a good idea to carefully pulse them in a blender with a towel around the blender lid and hold the lid firmly, as sometimes pressure can build with hot liquids in the blender. Then transfer the blended soup back into the large pot.) 

When the whole chicken breasts have cooled a bit, pull them apart by hand and shred them . They should be a little stringy when in shredded form, with no large chunks. Add the shredded chicken back into the pot. Chop-up the green beans fairly small, and add into the pot along with the frozen peas. Cook for about 10 more minutes, add salt & pepper to taste and enjoy!

(recipe from Elina on obesityhelp.com)

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